Agricantus – Amatevi lyrics with translation

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Chiancinu l’occhi mei p’un s’asciucari
amuri cca t’haju, lassari
m’accumpagnu p’a via chi me suspiri
u cielu supra a mia m’aiuta a chianciri.

Luci cu suli, ca luna a notti s’appoja, jornu chi fuji disiu ri paci, scantu ri guerra
ciatu; paroli l’acqua s’asciuca u siccu si vagna disiu ri paci scantu ri guerra.

Translation From Sicillian (Italian Dialect) to English

My eyes cries until they get dry
Love, i’ve must let go
My life is accompanied with sighs
The sky over me, helps me cry

Light from the sun, from the moon, the night comes the day goes away, wish for peace – sounds of war, whispers/words, the water runs dry the land gets wet, wish for peace – sounds of war.
Sunlight, the moon that comes with the night, the day that goes away in peace, sounds of war leave (reference to day-war/busy/loud noises and night-peace/calm/silence); words, the water goes and comes back (reference to sea), peace and war.

DISCLAIMER : the translation is mine, I might be wrong, but surely sounds better (for understanding) than anything available on the web at this moment.

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